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Precious Paws LLC Pet Cremation

We offer pet cremation services for pets up to 400 pounds.  We do individual cremations, semi-private cremations, and communal pet cremations.  In an individual cremation, your pet is cremated individually and the remains are returned to you.  With a semi-private cremation, your pet is segregated from others, but cremated at the same time as others.  The remains are returned as individual.  In an communal cremation, several pets may be cremated at the same time, and the ashes are not returned to you.

If you do not wish to receive your pet's cremation remains, we can scatter them for you on the farm.

We are available to pick up your pet from your vet's office, or from your home (additional fee may apply).  If you would prefer, you can bring your pet to us.  Please contact us prior to bringing your pet, so we can be sure that we are there to greet you.  We are based in centrally located Jasper, Indiana but will travel the tri-state area.

We are on call from 7 am until 10 pm, seven days per week.  Please call us to schedule your appointment.

Pricing and Packages:
                                                            1-30 lbs          31-60 lbs             61-90 lbs      91-120 lbs      121+lbs

         •Private Cremation                         $135               $155                   $175              $205            $225+$1/lb

Semi-private cremation or communal cremation can be quoted upon request (availability may be limited).

Prices subject to change.

An assortment of urns are available for an additional cost.   Below are some sample photos.  We carry some in stock, and other variations may be ordered. Special orders are normally received within a few days.


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