Pet Cremation Services
Serving Southern Indiana
So many of us cherish our pets….they are more than pets, they are beloved
members of the family.  As with all life, eventually their time comes.  
We will treat your precious pet with the love, care, and dignity that they deserve…
the same love and care that you have been giving them for the years at your side.

We offer cremation services for your pets.  You may choose to keep the remains,
or have them scattered in a peaceful farm setting.

We are based out of Jasper, Indiana and are available to the tri-state area.  We are
a short drive from Louisville, Evansville, New Albany, Owensboro, etc.

You may bring your pet to us, or we will pick them up from your vet's office or home.


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Pet Cremation Services
Serving Southern Indiana

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About Us

With our own pets gaining in years, we realized the inevitable would one day come.

We decided to create Precious Paws Pet Cremation to assist others in the heartbreak of losing their companions. At the time we were putting the plan into place, I didn't realize that my own Husky named Dusty wouldn't make it long enough for us to cremate him ourselves. Sadly, he died shortly before we opened our facility.

We are here to help you cope with your loss and to memorialize your pet in your own way. 

Sally & Steve

Sally & Steve
Petunia & Cena

Lexie, Bill, Dusty

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